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Re: Debian on an old PC

On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 06:44 -0800, James Vahn wrote:
> Vegard Lundby Rekaa wrote:
> > I need some advice. Is debian fit for a Pentium 100MHz PC with 16MB RAM
> > and approx 4Gb harddisk? Are there anyone who has experience with such a
> > slow machine running debian (or any other linux dist)?
> I held the top slot in the BogoMIPS-HOWTO for slowest system for many years-
> a 386SX/16 w/8 megs of RAM. Used a pair of them (and Hercules MDA) to get
> Netscape on the internet (orange hi-res screen). One ran X, the other ran
> Netscape. Held 'em together with duct tape. ;-)

XFree 3.1 and Netscape 1.x?

I hope you took pictures!

> Yes, yours'll work. Take a peek at WindowMaker (wmaker), I ran it on a
> 486DX4/100 w/24 megs for quite some time before moving to a P133 w/64
> megs running KDE.

KDE 1.x?

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