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debootstrapping via knoppix, and what next?

Hi, all --

I am still continuing my quest for a debootstrapping system that works;
attempts in the past may actually have gotten me a real system BUT then
couldn't get me going from a local mirror.

I pulled down Knoppix 3.7 the other day and was playing with it and saw
the knoppix-installer info and decided to try it out.  I installed into
the swap slice on my PC and was able to boot 2.4 and 2.6; woo hoo.  I
couldn't do a distupdate because Deb didn't know how to talk to my WNIC
but that's OK because this isn't really either of the boxes in question.

You may recall that I'm at the bottom of a really lousy DSL connection; I
don't trust that it will stay up long enough to do a full install, much
less at the lousy speeds I suffer here.  Thus, I would like to create a
local mirror for installation -- but, as noted above, that has never come
to fruition.

The whole reason for this [mis]adventure is the interesting server I
have; it has a 4-line LCD display and a quad NIC and no keyboard, video,
or CD.  I am tired of the work of LFS and I want a well-supported distro
with security updates done for me.  I need a Linux that is installable
through chroot and is easily updated because I don't want to take the
thing apart and swap hard drives around now or ever.  [If anyone wants to
tell me how easy and robust and secure Gentoo is I'll listen, but that
seemed almost as much work as LFS so it will be a hard sell.]

I also don't want to take my first pass at this on the server, a fragile
node in the household.  It would be much better to test on a spare box
first.  That, then, also leads to why a mirror would be useful (I'd save
myself *two* frustrating WAN installs).

The test machine is a typical PC and I plan to get it installed and then
upgrade it to Sarge (which I plan to run on the server mentioned above).
I should be able to knoppix-installer it and then, I believe, 

  apt-get distupgrade

to fill in all of the missing pieces (how do I specify the software set?)
and maybe or maybe not upgrade to Sarge; it's still unclear to me whether
or not Knoppix 3.7 is Woody or Sarge in the first place (though I *think*
the latter).

Can anyone give me pointers on whether or not this is a sane approach and
how I can expect it to work, as well as (probably in the other thread I
am about to start) how to build a local mirror?  I'd sure appreciate it!

PS -- Does anyone have subscription info for a knoppix-installer list?

TIA & Happy New Year!

David T-G
http://justpickone.org/davidtg/      Shpx gur Pbzzhavpngvbaf Qrprapl Npg!

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