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Re: Re: names good for marketing - "professionals"

On Tue, 4 Jan 2005, Robert wrote:

> Mainstream marketing professionals are unashamedly racist in their 
> appeals to the public.  For example, we (in UK at least) are led to 
> believe that Danes are racially superior when it comes to making lager, 
> Italians at ice cream, Germans at car making, Swiss at clocks, 
> Scanadanavians at furniture, Indians at spice, Japanese at consumer 
> electronics, and Americans at software.

and the taiwanese/chinese at mass market manufacturing and assembly
( motherboards, disks, consumer electronics, ... 

and malaysia/indonesia for chip level assembly/manufacturing
( i bet prices of ICs will sky rocket when current inventory drops/is sold)

> and you will see it is really made in North London.  Nevertheless, most 
> of these advertising notions are based on some factual origin - 

good advertising experts know what and how to get the products sold
and which outlets, locations, stores will be successful at it 
( not all ad agencies are good at it )

> However the idea of computer software emanating from Black Africa, as a 
> marketing ploy implied by the name, will leave most members of the 

andy having 2,000 various versions of a "linux distro" is better ??
	- that'd jsut confuse the consumer and they'd buy what they've
	been buying ( one headache to deal with and they know how to deal
	with the VAR, VAD, local store, long distance support, contracts,
	terms, conditions, payment history, etc, etc )

	- it's like early 1980's, when you had 100s of versions of DOS
	that each managed to kill each other off and only one survived

>  It was only when "Nippon Kogaku" rebranded 
> to "Nikon" and "Asahi" to "Pentax" that they made the breakthrough.  

trial and error ...  to figure out if your internal test marketing is real
or prejudiced to "pass" vs destined to fail in the real open competitive

prejudice exists ... marketers/advertisers know how to deal with it
	- it's NOT just blacks, its white folk in chinese environment
	or white folk in japanese environment, and all permutations

c ya

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