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Re: A list administation query

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 07:23 pm, Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 January 2005 11:37 am, Felixk Karpfen wrote:
> > Having lost two mailboxes to the the "Swem-worm flood", I do
> > not willingly post my true address to any public forum.
> Munging is considered harmful, get your mail admin to reject viruses the
> right way.
> http://www.interhack.net/pubs/munging-harmful
> http://ursine.dyndns.org/Rejecting_Viruses_The_Right_Way

After hearing some rather odd news about my ISP's approach to email virus 
protection (read: there is none... it's all on the user), this is probably 
one of the most important posts I've seen in a long time. Bookmarked those 
two links in a heartbeat. Thanks most kindly.

P.S. I like that 'if you munge your address, then the terrorists win' :)

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