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Re: A list administation query

I don't know the answer to your question, but a feature I'd like for mailing lists to have in general would be "send only subscriptions".

I think anyone can post to debian-user (not sure), but many lists only allow subscribers to post, in an effort to keep out spam. What I'd like to do is subscribe in such a way that I can post but not recieve the list in email. Instead, I would read the list off a web archive.

Even if I were able to filter out all my spam, I subscribe to so many mailing lists (over fifty), that I get about 30,000 legitimate emails a month. I have to read my mail with elm, as that's the only mail reader I've been able to find that can handle my collosal inbox.

That would be OK if I read every list post, but I only select a few to read from any given list, based on the message subject. It's a waste that I receive all the other messages that I don't read.

Happy New Year!

Michael D. Crawford

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