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Re: names good for marketing

On Monday 03 January 2005 08:43 pm, Seeker5528 wrote:

> There are the Indian Tribes with the related occasional political 
> squabbles over casinos and fishing rights. 

Yup, here in Oregon, the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs are going 
head to head with the State because they want to bulldoze a wildlife 
preserve several dozen miles outside their borders for a casino between 
Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR.
> There are lots of Koreans and people of other Asian origin, so there 
> are lots of corner stores, gas stations and other small businesses 
> owned and operated by Koreans. There are whole stretches of city 
> blocks where businesses have signs in both Korean and English.   

Not so much Korean as Mexican and Chinese here, though out in Beaverton 
there's a *really* good Japanese video arcade that generally gets the 
new DDR machines long before anybody else does (though it's only 
playable if you know Japanese or have played DDR so many times you 
don't need to know what the game is saying any more).
> The Arabic population does not seem so large, but does seem to own and 
> operate a significant number of corner stores and gas stations. 

In Portland, it's a significant segment that largely considers itself 
wrongly accused of pretty much everything after several people from the 
area's largest mosque were arrested two years ago and, IIRC, remain 
detained without charge.

Thank God we got rid of that Mark Kroeker clown, at least he's no longer 
making Portland Police do racial profiling.  After seeing how he 
brought the worst out of Portland, I seriously wonder if he caused the 
LA riots, too...

Paul Johnson

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