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Re: ACPI battery state doesn't get updated

Apparently, _Jan C. Nordholz_, on 03/01/05 20:05,typed:
Dear list,

after installing Debian on an old IBM Thinkpad
everything seems to be working fine, except that
the battery state is constant, i.e. it is read
once correctly at bootup and doesn't change
afterwards. On the other hand, the ACPI system does
recognise when I plug/unplug the AC (which sets
/proc/acpi/ac_adapter/AC/state to off-line, but

I am experiencing a similar thing in Inspiron 5160 running Sid and kernel 2.6.9 (usually the Gnome desktop) -- actually, in all kernels since Sid's installation. BTW, you mentioned "bootup", IIRC in my case I noticed that it read the power source state once when a user logged into Gnome and just showed the same state irrespective of pluggin in/out of the power cable.


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