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Re: different gecko-based browsers?

David P James wrote:
- when middle-clicking on a non-link area it pops an error "Invalid
URL" (I misclick often, so that's very annoying)

Good grief, that's one of the best features of *nix-based browsers that doesn't really exist elsewere - highlight a url-like block of text, say www.debian.org and then middle-click in the rendering area but not on a link or text area and the browser will take you there. In some cases, doing the same thing in the tab bar will open it in a new tab (Konqueror does this).

1. I use middle-click often (virtually all of the time);
2. I click on links virtually all of the time (I use Tab key to cycle between form elements);
3. Some link text or images are small, so sometimes I miss it;
4. Most URLs in web pages (like "www.debian.org") I see are already links;

So, sorry, I regard that feature as useless and annoying in browsers. Maybe it's more useful in mailreaders...


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