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Re: libc6 upgrade: device or resource busy

So with no progress on fixing this, is my best option to
reinstall? How much would I probably need to get rid of? What's
the best "debian way" to reinstall all the packages? Thanks!


here's a copy of the email I sent describing the problem:

I'm trying to upgrade libc from 2.3.2.ds1-19 to 2.3.2.ds2-20, and
apt-get install libc gives the following error message:

dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.3.2.ds1-20_i386.deb (--unpack):
 unable to install new version of `./lib/ld-2.3.2.so': Device or resource busy
dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

there are a couple of similar bugs that came up on google, but
they all said they'd been resolved, and the solutions seemed to
consist of rebooting. I've tried with both my 2.6.10 and 2.4.26
kernels, as well as booting from a rescue disk. I'm thinking
maybe it has something to do with reiserfs?


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