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Re: Problems encountered while upgrading fr 'woody' to 'sarge'

I have managed to sort out most of the problems by downloading the kernel 
source and building a new kernel image and also installing more packages from 

Those kde 'Warnings' can be turned off via settings in kdebugdialog.

Printing is great after installing 'cupsys' from the CD-ROM.

Encountered something interesting while trying to install cdrecord. This is a 
package within the folder cdrtools. Under Konqueror, both cdrtools and cupsys 
are listed as folders. I can 'apt-get install cupsys' but not cdrtools. I 
have to install cdrecord. Why?

I put up a q concerning gui for broadband connection. I was referred to KNemo 
but the download specified Debian SID. Any way out of this?


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