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Re: Palm-Tool (something like JPilot) for console?

On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 05:40:02PM +0100, Dani Belz wrote:
> Hi,
> does somebody know a tool like JPilot to handly contacts, todos,
> calendar etc. for console? Maybe one that doesn't need Emacs? :)
> Dani

"apt-cache search palm" gives quite a long list. pilot-link may be
what you want.

Description: Tools to communicate with a PalmOS PDA
 The package contains many command line programs to manipulate databases
 stored on a PalmOS PDA. For example pilot-xfer can be used to backup,
 sync, and restore databases.
  Homepage: http://www.pilot-link.org/

It also has the `memos' program, which is a nice tool to backup your
memos to clear text or make a mail message out of it.

I'm not sure if it is wise to use jpilot and pilot-xfer (or any two
synching programs for that matter) on the same system. You might get
into trouble. At least I myself got into trouble when combining Kpilot
and pilot-xfer, which may be due to a bug in one of those programs or
simply my lack of understanding. I use only Jpilot for synching now,
and memos for saving the memos in a readable way.

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