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Re: Java SDK on unstable

For that you need to download either Tomcat

or Resin ( www.caucho.com ) download 3.0.10

and include jsdk-24.jar in your classpath, that will be included in the resin's lib directory.

what are you trying to accomplish? Compile on Debian or just run it on Debian?


John Plate wrote:
Pritpal Dhaliwal wrote:

I generally just download it from java.sun.com and install it.

but this might might help:

Thank you! In fact, I have tried it - it worked just fine, but I need
the Servlet API included in the J2EE package. THAT one didn't work for
me :(


John Plate wrote:


I tried to install Java SDK (j2sdk1.4), but dselect claims that there
is no j2se-common file available.
How to get J2EE running on Debian unstable?

Thanks in advance

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