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Re: how to set up 2 hard drives to cable select

On Sunday 02 January 2005 08:17 am, Mitchell Laks wrote:
> On Sunday 02 January 2005 01:46 am, Alvin Oga wrote:
> > set the jumpers on the disk to be "cable select"
> >  - do NOT tell the disk that it is master or slave
> >
> > make sure your ide cable has a hole in it so it can tell the system
> > that the disk is on the end or middle of the cable
> Thank you alvin!
> I don't see a hole in the ide cable (where should it be?);( What hole do
> you mean?  Like the hole in the floppy cable with the twisted wires?) and i
> am using Western Digital Drives and the computer has Award Bios (asus
> a7n8x-x motherboard - amd-xp processor).
> i tried setting both hard drives on the cable to cable select and then the
> machine won't boot.
I see the problem: I was using a 40 wire cable instead of an 80 wire cable and 
it didnt like it. As soon as I put a better cable in, it immediately 
recognized the devices. Thanks for your help in trouble shooting the problem.

> Thanks
> Mitchell

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