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Re: i82365 and Cirrus Logic CL 6729

On Sat, 01 Jan 2005 17:56:26 -0600, John Heim <johnheim@tds.net> wrote:
> At 04:51 PM 1/1/2005, you wrote:
> >Ok, are you trying to install Woody (aka Debian 3.0)?
> >
> >I don't recall exactly but at some point of the Woody installation it
> >should ask about pcmcia support, anyway do you need to use the pcmcia
> >to complete the installation?
> More info... I sent a message to the author of the i82365 module, David
> Hinds, and here is what he said:
> -- begin quote --
> This is sort of a historical accident.  Prior to 2.4 kernels, there
> were only the pcmcia-cs driver modules.  With 2.4, PCMCIA drivers
> became part of the kernel tree but they were not 100% the same as the
> pcmcia-cs drivers.  One of the differences was that the CL 6729 bridge
> was not supported by the kernel drivers.  There is a CL 6729 driver
> for the current 2.6 kernels but I think it is recent enough that it
> probably is not in most current Linux distributions.
> It is possible to use the pcmcia-cs drivers with 2.4 (but not 2.6)
> kernels.  You would need to remove the kernel PCMCIA driver modules,
> and then compile the pcmcia-cs package.
> -- Dave
> -- end quote --
> What does it mean that the drivers became part of the kernel tree?

It means that until 2.4.x kernels support for pcmcia HW was done with
an external
driver, i.e. 2.2.x kernels missed sources for the pcmcia HW and was
added with the 2.4.x series.

> They're 
> compiled into the kernel? Does this mean the debian installer shouldn't be
> trying to load the i82365 module because it's already in the kernel?

Boot floppy kernels, i.e. kernels used on installation disk, IIRC
should have less support for HW than standard kernels caused by space
constraints. Now i don't know if the kernel of Sarge has problem for
pcmcia support or if you need to enable a special one at boot time.

> And
> why do I see pcmcia_core listed as a module when I do lsmod?

The kernel has support for pcmcia, but the modules are in an external
package. With Debian, the pcmcia modules for 2.4.x kernels are in the
"kernel-pcmcia-modules-_kernel_version_" or, as David Hinds said, in

For start you should find enough info here:


if you are in a hurry, look at this


eventually, with the same installation manual in one big text file


So you have a lot of options here. You can complete the installation
without pcmcia support and fix it later, you can try to look how to
enable pcmcia at installation time but probably you need to look if
Sarge need some special boot time option, or you can try to boot with
a 2.6.x kernel, from the installation manual:

When the installer boots, you will be presented with the boot prompt,
boot:. You can do two things at the boot: prompt. You can press the
function keys F1 through F10 to view a few pages of helpful
information, or you can press Enter to boot the system.

My suggestion is, do a bare installation and then complete the pcmcia

If you stick with 2.4.27 kernel, the version that should be used in
Sarge, you need to install two packages: "pcmcia-cs" and
After installing the bare system, "uname -r" give you the exact
"_kernel_version_" you need for the package above.

I hope someone correct me if i'm wrong...


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