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Re: Help with Linux command

Alvin Oga wrote:
yes and no .. depends on th point of view and just for clarification ...

    No, no point of view.

"If I want to swap the mount point and all it's content between /usr
and /home."

both mount points and data is moved ...

No data is moved. You're presuming that he has them backwards and the data is on the correct physical volumes.

but if one wants to take data on /dev/hdaxxx ( say 2GB ) and put that on
/dev/hdayyy ( say 10GB), than "changing mount points" will not help

Exactly! That's what he said in the original message. He realized he had mounted them incorrectly. /usr was the 10Gb and /home was the 2Gb. He wanted /home to be the 10Gb and /use the 2Gb. Since they are *populated with data* he requested information not only on how to remount those partitions but how to *move the contents* as well.

but, mounting /dev/xxxx on /home or /foo-bar will move the data with it
except in one case its called(accessed differently) /home/tom or /foo-bar/tom
- data is moved for free

Yes, we all get that. It does not solve the problem that his /usr data is on a 10Gb partition, his /home data is on a 2Gb partition and the data needs to be swapped *and* remounted.

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