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Re: Help with Linux command

hi ya steve

On Sat, 1 Jan 2005, Steve Lamb wrote:

> Alvin Oga wrote:
> > given /home has the correct home data and is say  2GB on say /dev/hdaxxx
> > given /usr  has the correct usr  data and is say 10GB on say /dev/hdayyy
> > if as in the original reply, to simply "swap the /home and /usr partition"
>      You're making a false asumption.  From the original message:

yes and no .. depends on th point of view 
and just for clarification ...

> "If I want to swap the mount point and all it's content between /usr
> and /home."

both mount points and data is moved ...

	mount /dev/hdaxxx on /home
	mount /dev/hdaxxx on /usr

but if one wants to take data on /dev/hdaxxx ( say 2GB ) and put that on
/dev/hdayyy ( say 10GB), than "changing mount points" will not help 

but, mounting /dev/xxxx on /home or /foo-bar will move the data with it
except in one case its called(accessed differently) /home/tom or /foo-bar/tom
	- data is moved for free 

c ya

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