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Re: Help with Linux command

Alvin Oga wrote:
given /home has the correct home data and is say  2GB on say /dev/hdaxxx
given /usr  has the correct usr  data and is say 10GB on say /dev/hdayyy

if as in the original reply, to simply "swap the /home and /usr partition"

    You're making a false asumption.  From the original message:

"If I want to swap the mount point and all it's content between /usr
and /home."

    Swap the mount point *and all it's content*.

"The disk space I originally intended for /usr and /home needs to be swapped."

    Dsk space already needs to be swapped.

- there is two possible answers...

a) change the mount points only ...

Changing mount points doesn't help. As said in the original message the content needs to be moved as well.

- the other is like you guys are doing, leaving the mount points the
  same and moving the data from one partition to another is a lot more
  work ( that may or may not be needed, depending on the desired partition
  size for each /usr and /home )

No, we're not. We're saying to swap the mount points *and* move the data as per his initial request.

	- moving data is messy but is trivial 2 command lines if one has
	the space for holding both at the same time

We know he has enough space. He said one parition is 2Gb. That means the data there (home) is under 2Gb presently and the data in the other partition is able to fit into it; also 2Gb. Since the 2nd partition is 10Gb he can easily fit 4Gb into that to make the swap. ;)

- trick question is ... how much space is needed in /home vs /usr and is it
  	worth fixing by moving data from one partition into the other


	- simple swapping of mount point is trivial, if the data is
	in the correct sized partitions

    It isn't.

	= swapping mount points is a complete solution
	= as was previously posted

Except it leaves him with his usr on home and home on usr. Even worse, as I pointed out, since usr houses a lot of essential programs one could have a really tough time recovering from that situation.

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