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Re: sarge install problem: read-only disk


jon salenger (<salenger@sbcglobal.net>) wrote:

> I'm working on an install, and I could use a bit of help/advice if
> anyone can and is willing:
> I'm doing a daily businesscard install (20041231). The installer finds
> DHCP and runs perfectly up to the base system install and reboot.
> At that point I choose packages (in this case, the default 'desktop'
> packages) and download seems to run fine. However, when the packages
> begin to unpack and install, I get an error that the disk is
> read-only.
> Does anyone know what might be the cause, and how I could work around
> the problem?

What does the output of mount and df say? Is the partition mounted
read-only? Is it full maybe?

best regards
 Andreas Janssen

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