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Re: Endless Arguments (Re: PVR...)

On Thursday 30 December 2004 10:03, Curt Howland wrote:
> > major suppliers of inexpensive, common video hardware....
> Two? So there is an alternative that you recognize as equal to nVidia?
> Would you care to comment on their quality or open API? Or even
> mention their name?

I thought it was obvious: ATi.

> Since you ask, you may not be aware of the Debian "Free Software
> Guidelines". Those guidelines are the reason that, for instance, the

I have been using Debian for 8 years. This all just seems to be an excuse for 
you to spout off about random topics, so yeah, no.
Don't ask questions if you cannot deal with the responses without sounding 
like a turd. 

I was answering a question, and injecting humor ("3D TV" was classic). Sorry 
that you have not the capability to be jovial and just be a pain. I am not 
going to respond to this again. Don't hit "Reply-All" again, please, it's 
annoying and harder to ignore you. *You* are annoying and you just got 
plonked. Bye.

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