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Re: Ugly sarge upgrade -- kernel 2.4.27-2 > 2.4.27-6

Jonathan Kaye wrote:

> Michael Murphy wrote:
>> After upgrading, the computer ran so slowly that it was as if I
>> were
>> trying to run on a '486.  On boot, the lines *crawled* up the
>> screen
>> in shifting waves.  Also, the soundcard couldn't be found and alsa
>> didn't load.  I restored the previous version from the snapshots
>> archive and all has returned to normal.

> Hi Michael,
> I guess you didn't notice my posting on this list dated 24/12/04
> with the subject alsa mismatch... Anyway as Thomas Hood pointed out
> this is known as kernel bug #284356. I would suggest the following:
> 1. apt-get update then apt-get upgrade then apt-get dist-upgrade
> until you have the latest versions of your packages.
> 2. Get the source for the alsa drivers module and compile it and
> then intall it.
> This worked for me and my alsa and the rest of sarge is purring like
> a kitten.

Thank you, Jonathan.  I had missed the post and the pointer to bug
#284356.  I guess I'm going to have to learn how to build packages
the 'debian way' sooner than I'd guessed ;)

You mention doing an apt-get dist-upgrade.  Again, I'm new to debian,
but wouldn't this be necessary only if I were going from one release
(stream) to another?  I installed sarge using the netinst cd and have
only sarge repos in my sources.list.  Thus far, I've been using
dselect and currently have the kernel packages on hold.  

You say that you rebuilt the source for the alsa drivers *after* you'd
upgraded the kernel?  Does this mean that you *didn't* experience the
extreme slow-down that I did?  Were I to upgrade, I don't think that
my computer would be able to build anything (in under a week's time,
that is).  

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