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Re: Windows vs Linux Functionality?

On Saturday 25 December 2004 06:40 pm, Ed Sutherland wrote:
> Let me hasten to say this is not, as the subject line might seem to
> imply, a Linux-bashing question.

Nah, not taken as bashing in any way. It's an honest question if you don't 
know anything about it.

> I'm considering moving from Windows XP to some form of Linux, most
> likely debian. I'd like to know beforehand, what functionality I'll lose
> when moving from Windows to debian. For instance, point-and-click
> ease-of-use in installing applications. 

Ease of use in installing? You mean like this?

Find and download $PROGRAM to install
Damn, it's in "compressed" format
Go find $DECOMPRESSOR and download
Scan $DECOMPRESSOR for viruses
Crap, I'm not admin
Log in as admin
Log in
Scan $PROGRAM for viruses
Decompress $PROGRAM
Doubleclick exe/msi installer
Crap, I'm not admin
Log in as admin
Doubleclick exe/msi installer
Click "Next" to continue
Accept 27 page EULA
Click "Next" to continue
Confirm "install type", full/minimal/custom
Click "Next" to continue
Confirm/alter install path
Click "Next" to continue
Do you want a program group created? y/n
Click "Next" to continue
Do you want a desktop icon created? y/n
Click "Next" to continue
Watch progress bar...
Click "Next" to continue
Do you want to read the README.txt now? y/n
Click "Next" to continue
Do you want to create a desktop shortcut? y/n
Click "Next" to continue
Do you want to run the internet updater? y/n
If Y, click "Next" to continue to repeat previous instructions, if N, then 
click "Next" to continue
$PROGRAM has been installed to $PATHBLAHBLAH, please register, would you like 
to do so now? y/n
Click "Next" to continue
Installation complete, Click "Exit" to finish
You must reboot for changes to take effect, do you want to reboot now? 
Log in
Click on desktop icon that was created even though 'No' was answered for that 

I'll take:
Click on the menu/Synaptic
Enter root pass
Install $PROGRAM
Close Synaptic
Click on menu/$PROGRAM

any day.

> Another example: multimedia, 
> such as playing MP3 audio files or 

There are plenty of multemedia players availabe, some you might already be 
familiar with in terms of usability.

> downloading pictures from my digital 
> camera.

I'm not a photographer myself, so I can't comment on that.

> I like the 'back-end' stability that Linux has, but question whether
> that stability will be negated by a more difficult user interface, 

See for yourself before you install. Download a Knoppix CD and boot your 
machine with it. Have a look around, see what's what. You can do that before 
you install anything to your hard drive.

> or 
> lack thereof. Windows users poo-poo Linux while fans of Linux complain
> Windows is straight from h*ll -- isn't there a middle-ground truth? Thanks.

I suppose that depends on your POV. I haven't used MS Windows regularly in 
years, and I avoid it if at all possible. Me? I just prefer having control 
over my own machine that I paid my own money for, rather than letting some 
corporate marketing bozo a world away have control over it.


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