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Re: configuring NetGear WG511 on Sarge (was: dumb question - not sure where to begin configuring a wifi card)

Rodney D. Myers wrote:

> I'm using Debian sarge, on an IBM Thinkpad 770x.
> I'm trying to get my pcmcia wifi card (Netgear wg511) working. It
> works under windos 98SE, needed for radio programming, but not sure
> where to start looking for coinfiguration.
> Debian knows it's a Netgear card, and loads the prism54 module, but
> not sure what I need to start trying to get this card configured.

The wireless-tools package contains the command-line utilities (such as
iwconfig). I highly recommend installing waproamd, which can detect the
WLAN you are on and configure the card accordingly.

The man pages for iwconfig and waproamd are helpful sources of information.

I also have a NetGear WG511, and using a 2.6 kernel and the built-in prism54
driver (with the firmware available from prism54.org) works almost
flawlessly - the only thing lacking is WPA support.


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