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Re: Configure xserver-xfree86

donald szatkowski wrote:

> My video card is an S3. From the Free86.org site it seems the S3 driver is
> required, but Debian30r2 only has S3Savage for a driver.

Woody has an older version of XFree86, which might not include your driver.
Sarge, the upcoming stable release, has a newer version of XFree86 that
very likely does include your driver.

You can upgrade from Woody to Sarge by changing "stable" or "woody" in your
sources.list file to "sarge" or "testing" and running "apt-get update",
then running "apt-get dist-upgrade" until it no longer wants to upgrade

You could also download the new installer from
"http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer"; and install Sarge that way.

If you don't want to switch to Sarge, you should look at backports.org -
there might be an updated version of XFree86 compiled for Woody that
includes the driver you need.

> Now I am asked for the video card's bus identifier.

According to other posts on this issue, you can usually leave this blank.


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