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Re: What will happens when sarge becomes stable?

On Wednesday 15 December 2004 07:10 pm, feanor7 wrote:
> But when the great day arrives, and sarge becomes stable, what will
> happens when "apt-get dist-upgrade" runs? I'm afraid that all systems
> will be forced to a massive software upgrade (kernel-image, mysql, exim
> ...) and some incompatible configuration could break my applications.
> There is any suggestion or documention to follow in that case?
> I never saw a debian branch change, so I don't know what expect.

If you have a spare machine, clone the machine in question and then edit the 
sources.list to point to testing. Do a dist-upgrade and see what, if 
anything, breaks. I recently did this with my web and mail servers and 
fortunately, nothing I was using broke. I figured that it's probably better 
to deal with it now rather than later.


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