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Re: Hardware hassles: Linux vs. Windows

rec.sea@btopenworld.com wrote:
You should have a go at Mandrake, never had any problem with recongnizing hardware. Very good for easy-peasy installations and for friends and family who do not want to have hassle.

Thanks, I'll look into it.

I used to use Mandrake pretty happily, but then I had problems with their package distribution system. I could sometimes select combinations of packages for installation / upgrade that would lead to an non-bootable system. That kind of unforseen problem worried me greatly. I wonder if they've improved since the Mandrake 9.1 days...

I've also heard that SuSE is pretty good in the "it just works" category. Do you have a sense of why I might prefer one over the other?

Christian Convey
Computer Scientist,
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Newport, RI

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