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Re: Woody on Compaq Prolinea 575

On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 15:27:33 -0500, red <redbrush@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am attempting to install Woody 3.0r3 on a Compaq Prolinea 575
> (pentium 1) 75Mhz with 98Mb ram and 1.5Gb HD. I am always getting a
> problem with the base installation failing with a return code 1.
> I then tried installing Sarge, and Sid. All installs failed.
> Segmentation faults, etc.
> I am installing from the boot and root floppys for each specific distro.
> My pc bios cannot be configured to boot from the CDROM drive.
> In all cases my network card works properly and I am doing a net
> install from several different mirrors including us.debian.org.
> Switching to a different mirror doesn't seem to help.

Check for faulty hardware. I've made installations on such hardware
(having a couple of them on my deployments with only 16MB of RAM) and
debian installs on them were painless.

You could also try bootstrapping by getting its hard disk and
installing debian on it from another machine. If it still fails when
you return the disk to the original machine then your hardware's
flakey already.

Paolo Alexis Falcone

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