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Re: Nightstand Terminal

On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 06:54 -0500, Scotty Fitzgerald wrote:
> Once again, the biggest problem is getting you guys to be
> verbose ;-)
> Does anybody have experience with the following?
> 1) A smaller cheaper box, perhaps a stand alone box that takes
> smaller and slower laptop parts?
> 2) What about serial terminals?  The new ones are $400 at CDW.com,
> but I see that you can get refurbised ones at $20 on ebay?  Any
> ideas on finding companies that are throwing these out?  Is the 
> money savings worth not being able to use xfree86 remotely in 
> your own network?  At $400 for a new one, perhaps I should buy 
> my girl a Dell, and take her old 386 and begin hacking that?
> 3) Since an old laptop is a possible solution based on it's size,
> any reccommended sources for purchasing used laptops that are 
> known to be able to run Woody?!
> 4) What about crossover cable vs actually using a switch for
> a two computer network?
> Thanks for any input!
> ---
> Scotty
I've actually contemplated this in the past, and if I was to do it, I'd use a Via EPIA board and build it into the smallest wooden box I could fit it in.

Maybe even make it part of the side table drawer!

I've got a Via EPIA V10000 here as my mail server, and even though it's
only been in a couple of weeks, it's running very well so far.

The only problem you may have is getting the Via chipset to run under X,
but the Vesa driver should drive it.

This way, you could probably source a faulty notebook with a good screen
and just use the screen from it.


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