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Re: installing nagios removed other programs (was: Command line network monitoring tool)

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 05:11:17PM -0500, Adam Aube wrote:
> p wrote:
> > i just tried to install "nagios-common" and it
> > removed a lot of my good programs--gimp, xine,
> > mplayer....  that doesn't even begin to scratch
> > the surface.  (i'm still trying to access the
> > totality of what it removed.)  from what's left,
> > i may have to rebuild the box.  (mplayer won't
> > even install now.)
> > why would a "network monitoring tool" need to
> > decimate a system?
> > i was running sid.
> I am running Sid as well, and I see nothing in the details of the
> nagios-common package that would make it remove those packages. In fact, I
> just tried installing it myself, and while it will install additional
> packages, it is not going to removing anything.
> Are you using any unofficial Debian repositories? 


not to my knowledge.  i changed "stable" to "sid" in
my "sources.list" file.


> Can you post the command you used to install nagios-common (and its full 
> output)?
> Adam


apt-get install nagios-common

the output is gone.  all i can remember is that 
after the packages were downloaded, maybe 30-40 
programs were removed.  i thought they had been 
upgraded by "nagios-common."

(after going through "apt-get install nagios-com-
mon" again, i see that mplayer now works; but 
other things are borked.)



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