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Iptables the "Debian" way?

I am used to using RedHat, whereby I make sure I have the iptables package installed and I can use "chkconfig" to see if iptables has system-V runtime setup to be on or off, and the iptables-save data goes into /etc/sysconfig/iptables for reload on reboot (or change of SysV init level).

What is the "Debian" way of doing this?
I have iptables installed and I can add iptables rules and they work, but I did a grep for "iptables" in /etc/init.d/* and nothing matches, and I searched through /etc for files that contain firewall rules and didn't see any?

Also, I installed Webmin and the webmin-iptables module. But when I go to the webmin interface there is no iptables module being shown (yes I restarted apache, webmin and my browser). Any hints?


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