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Re: lilo and mbr

Punit Ahluwalia wrote:
I upgraded the kernel to 2.6.7, and successfully booted with the new kernel once.
However, I had to compile the kernel again, to include some additional support. I cannot
boot after compiling and installing the kernel the second time. I received a message
during the configuration that mbr.b was missing. I don't see it in /boot. On booting,
numbers start rolling on the screen as soon as BIOS transfers the control. I suspect I
have damaged the mbr. Any ideas?

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Yea, run lilo and it should make a new mbr conforming to your lilo settings.

/sbin/lilo -M [-z] - write a  Master  Boot  Record  on  a
       device - or clear the device serial number

But i'm thinking -M requires an mbr.b so you'll have to regenerate one.


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