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Re: why debian

ken keanon wrote:
There are so many distros out there its confusing. Any reason(s) why Debian should be the preferred choice? Any statistics from any source(s) to proof the popularity of Debian? I'm in the dark waiting to be enlightened. Cheers Ken

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I used mandrake, red hat and slackware before 2000. What I did not like is the "lack" (my view) of control in them over what is installed, especially the 1st 2. At first Debian was difficult, because it doesn't "do" anything, you have to make a choice first.
Now I wouldn't have anything else.

Thanks to a band of dedicated maintainers who stay in the background. There should be an asserted effort looking for maintainers in the LDU list. I found the process daunting in Mexico.


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