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Re: Exim relay problem on Woody

On Thu, Nov 04, 2004 at 04:46:55PM +0000, Martin Carwardine & Co wrote:
> Hi,

Somebody with a domain name like that *deserves* an answer :-)

Do you sell email addresses? :-)

> The problem is sending non-local mail. I've tried different
> configurations of exim, but always get: relaying to <x@abc.com.
> prohibited by administrator>
> Exim was configured to use smart host, which is set as
> smtp.btconnect.com as given by BT broadband.
> So I have in exim.conf -
> smarthost:
>  driver = domainlist
>  transport = remote_smtp
>  route_list = "* smtp.btconnect.com bydns_a"

Looks OK

> I have also got -
> host_accept_relay =
> where is the local network

This might well be your problem - I had mine separate by whitespace
*and* colon :
    host_accept_relay = : ::::1 :

(I presume that ::::1 is ipv6..)

> I also have the following (commented out) -
> #local_interfaces =
> So, any help would be greatly appreciated. Is the problem simply one
> of correct exim configuration?

Looks like it.

You haven't set any of the options like host_reject or
host_reject_recipients ? iirc those are also used in relaying, but your
error message "relaying to ... prohibited by admin" points to

For whatever it's worth, this might be good reading for you:

Disclaimer; it's been a while since I ran exim3... on exim4 now...

Hope this helps (and yes: the fortune *is* random :-)
Karl E. Jørgensen
karl@jorgensen.com   http://karl.jorgensen.com
... An rfc2324 advocate

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