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Exim relay problem on Woody

I've got a Debian server running Woody, and Samba, and clients using winXP and winNT,
accessing the Net via squid (ADSL connection).

Everything works fine - including receiving mail (local and internet)
using exim/courier-imap/fetchmail and Mozilla/Outlook clients
configured to use the Maildir on their ${home}.

The problem is sending non-local mail. I've tried different
configurations of exim, but always get: relaying to <x@abc.com.
prohibited by administrator>

Exim was configured to use smart host, which is set as
smtp.btconnect.com as given by BT broadband.

So I have in exim.conf -

 driver = domainlist
 transport = remote_smtp
 route_list = "* smtp.btconnect.com bydns_a"

I have also got -

host_accept_relay =

where is the local network

I also have the following (commented out) -

#local_interfaces =

So, any help would be greatly appreciated. Is the problem simply one
of correct exim configuration?

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