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Unidentified subject!

>> i810_audio             21248   0 
>> ac97_codec              9568   0  [i810_audio]
>> soundcore               3236   2  [i810_audio]

>What kernel version is this? 

2.4.18-bf2.4   (sorry, should have included that originally)

>How recent is the alsaconf package?
>If you try unloading all OSS modules (including all three above)
>and then run alsaconf does it work then? Try commenting the above
>modules out from being loaded, then reboot to be totally clean,
>and *then* (without these modules having been loaded at all) run

I haven't tried switching to ALSA yet.

I really would like to (a) be sure that the i810_audio driver really
is inoperable with the setup I have, (b) have some reason to believe
that the ALSA drivers will work, before switching drivers.

It seems to me that there should be some way to *troubleshoot* this
problem, rather than just trying one thing after another until I either
find something that works or just give up - I mean, isn't that the
advantage to having open source?

Is the "i810_audio" driver known to be inoperative with my combination
of processor/chipset/etc., or is the ALSA setup known to work?

>This is what did it for me. I have a different card but you can
>see what I did at
>(Look this week 'cos the document will be upgraded this weekend
>and node numbering is bound to change.)

Thanks...  I saved a copy of it.  (I'm amassing quite a collection of
"sound setup" sections from Linux port Web pages).

These responses don't seem to be threading on the list, so I'm copying
people at their private email addresses; my apologies for the

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