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unsure if I am suffering the same tihng

I am not sure if what I am suffering is due to the same bug.

Firstly, if this is a known problem, I have only been experiencing it
since Oct 25. 

It is not intermittent for me and happens consistently at night. I
believe this is due to logrotation, it appears at least that apache dies
at roughly the time that logrotate runs.

/etc/init.d/apache reload does *not* cause the problem if executed
manually, however. I have changed reload to restart in the logrotate
script, to see if that makes a difference. I will find out tomorrow
morning :)

The supplied patch is a no-go for my woody logrotate.

Also see this thread:

uname -r: 2.4.22-physmem-patch3-5um
ii  apache         1.3.26-0woody5 Versatile, high-performance HTTP server

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