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Re: dhclient: how to fill the dhclient.lease data file ?

Thanks for the reply,

vincent.tournebise@free.fr wrote:
my `/var/lib/dhclient.lease' file is obsolutely empty.
I tried to figure out how it can be filled,
but I found nothing:
any idea ?

Dhclient is a DHCP client. Its role is to send a request for an IP adress, which
is given by a DHCP server for a certain time (in general about 6 hours). After
the end of this "lease" it must send another request and get a new IP adress.
The information regarding the current lease should not be filled by the user. It
has to be given by a DHCP server.

I understood this part.

You have to fix up the problem

hence my email ;-)

According to the message in syslog,
dhclient, as it could get the information from the net which was not Ok at taht time,
tried to get default information from `/var/lib/dhclient.lease'.


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