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Firefox, Gmail, FindAsYouType query


I wasn't sure if this is a bug so I'm posting here first. I'm using Firefox 0.99+1.0RC1-3 right now on my Debian Sid box. When I go to gmail.google.com, Firefox automatically puts in my username. And because the username is there, the focus is moved to the password field (gmail's javascript) automatically.

(With the preference "Begin Finding when you being typing" set) when I start typing my password, the "Find as you Type"(FAYT) extension kicks in and opens at the bottom of the window and shows me the password I'm typing as if it was the string for which I'm searching. And if I press backspace key, it erases the letters first from the text area of the FAYT extension, and then it erases letters from the password field, one-by-one. This only happens when the preference "Begin Finding when you being typing" is set.

Has anyone experienced this?


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