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trying to get java and tomcat running (newby)

ok, i had java (blackdown, 1.3 i think) working ok, and tomcat (5?) as well, but i had downloaded and unpacked and configured them myself. suddenly, tomcat ceased to function (I don't do a whole lot on that server except develop web sites, and I can't think of anything I would've done to muss it up).

so i'm trying to get it working again, and i decided to try to use the debian package system instead. so i've gone into dselect and configured it to install a few java packages, tomcat, and a couple others that were necessary. the problem is, when it goes to install java, the software agreement comes onto the screen, and at the end there's no key that I can press that will accept it and move on! i know i'm probably a moron, but i'm not using any gui (like i said, just need the server).

any guidance would be greatly appreciated..

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