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Samba Issues

I currently manage several Debian Woody servers in a corporate production environment. I've chosen Debian Woody as the platform of choice for our environment due to its stability and security in comparison with other distros.

I have run into a critical issue with a number of Samba servers, most noteably my PDC for my production domain. This domain consists of the Samba PDC, two Samba file and print servers, ad well as a number of Windows 2000 and Windows XP client machines.

Quite frequently, when copying files (small or large) from Windows 2000/XP clients to Samba shares, there is a long delay and finally users receive the following error:

"Cannot Copy Filename: The path is too deep"

General Samba throughput is quite sluggish as well.

This is becoming quite a nuisance and is hindering the users' productivity.
I have performed extension troubleshooting and research on this issue.

I have tried every possible fix that I have come across including using the default Woody Samba 2.2.3 packages, the Sarge Samba 3.0.7 packages, building Samba from 2.2.x source and 3.0.x source from Samba.org, along with every possible solution I have found on the internet.

I've also heard that Cisco Catalyst 5xxx series switches can cause all sorts of issues with Samba and Windows XP clients,and we currently run number of Cisco Catalys 55xx series switches.

Has anyone out there come across this issue? If so, are you able to provide any recommendations??

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

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