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Re: raid

Here is how it is when I hit "p" after putting in the disk and entering the partition a hard drive command. They are in columns so you may have to maximize the window.

Device flag Start End Block Id System /dev/sad 0 17000 1708000 83 Linux /dev/sad 17000 17272 278528 82 Linux Swap /dev/sad 0 17272 17686528 5 Whole disk

Those are how my partitions are set. You can tell me if they are wrong, but that is how I have them I probably should put my swap at the beginning of the drive. Anything else you can throw at me would be helpful. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Mike Fedyk" <mfedyk@matchmail.com>
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Huston wrote:

sda3 is the partition for the whole drive where my root, and Linux partition reside. I have three: Linux, root, and whole, which encompasses the other two. Could that have been my problem? Should I have just chosen root or native instead of whole. Should I partition the other disk to be exact replicas of the first one?

I don't understand.

where is / mounted?
where is "Linux" mounted?
where is "whole" mounted?

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