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Re: raid

sda3 is the partition for the whole drive where my root, and Linux partition reside. I have three: Linux, root, and whole, which encompasses the other two. Could that have been my problem? Should I have just chosen root or native instead of whole. Should I partition the other disk to be exact replicas of the first one?

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Huston wrote:

raiddev /dev/md0
        raid-level      5
        nr-raid-disks   3
        nr-spare-disks  0
        persistent-superblock 1
        parity-algorithm        left-symmetric
        chunk-size      32
        device          /dev/sda3
        raid-disk       0
        device          /dev/sdb1
        raid-disk       1
        device          /dev/sdc1
        raid-disk       2

First of all, I suggest you use mdadm, it has a lot of safe guards that are helpful.

And second, but the most important, which device is your root partition? You probably overwrote something.

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