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procmail->cyrus [was: executing spamassassin from sieve on some of the messages]

Thanks everybody for help.  I finaly got it working.  Here is info:

First you need to change some permitions:

chgrp mail /usr/sbin/cyrdeliver

chmod 2755 /usr/sbin/cyrdeliver

and then .procmailrc file can be as:

SHELL=/bin/sh               #Use the Bourne shell (check your path!)
LOGFILE=$HOME/procmail/procmail.log # You'd better make sure it exists
LOG="--- Logging ${LOGFILE} for ${LOGNAME} "

#exim4 adds From line which doesn't work right with cyrus, so remove it
:0 fw
| /usr/bin/formail -I 'From ' -b

#uncoment next lines in order to enable spamassassin
#:0fw: spamassassin.lock
#* < 256000
#| spamc

#move spam in to junk
* ^X-Spam-Flag: YES

# Accept all the rest to your default mailbox

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