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Newbie with modem installation problems

Have been trying unsuccessfully to configure my ADSL connection with a
Speedtouch Home modem, connected through an SMC USB connector. It is all
working fime in Win 98 and some trial installations I did with red Hat and
Mandrake both detected and set up the modem correctly. I would rather use
Debian, but things just don't seem to work.

The Mandrake setup seems to be using the Pegasus and Red Hat installations
seemed to use the Pegasus USB drivers.

I have installed hotplug and the pegasus drivers. Hotplug seems to be
detecting the USB adapter OK and it lsusb shows an appropriate Ethernet
device. It does not seem to be associating this device with the Pegasus
drivers, and I don't have any eth0 device available.

Anyone give me some clues on how to go about this task?


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