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Re: using scp to move files

Well, I googled around a bit and found something:

you can see that this option is in 'scp2' (that uses ssh v2).

The problem re-reading this is it's from ssh.com , not OpenSSH's
package... and it seems (have no more time by now) it is not
opensource... :-(( 

Have a look anyway to see if it suits you or anyone has added this to
openssh recently..

Good luck

El jue, 28-10-2004 a las 09:17, Kamaraju Kusumanchi escribió:
> On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 20:26:21 +0200, diego <ddc_prueba@yahoo.es> wrote:
> > I bet the issue is already solved, but I just read the thread and wanted
> > to give my 2 cents ;-)
> > 
> No it is not. All the solutions suggested to transfer the file first
> and then remove it.
> > I searched for the move option in scp not few moths ago and I read
> > somewhere (googling around) that scp -u did this, **if you had ssh v2**.
> > But if you still have v1 ... you'd better simulate it as described in
> > this thread or better upgrade to ssh v2.
> > 
> I cannot find the -u option in the man page of scp or ssh. So I guess
> I am using ssh  v1. But how can I be sure of that?
> $ssh --version
> usage: ssh [-1246AaCfghkNnqsTtVvXxY] [-b bind_address] [-c cipher_spec]
>            [-D port] [-e escape_char] [-F configfile] [-i identity_file]
>            [-L port:host:hostport] [-l login_name] [-m mac_spec] [-o option]
>            [-p port] [-R port:host:hostport] [user@]hostname [command]
> $dpkg -l ssh
> ii  ssh            3.8.1p1-8      Secure rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement (OpenSSH)
> thanks
> raju

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