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Re: using scp to move files

I bet the issue is already solved, but I just read the thread and wanted
to give my 2 cents ;-)

I searched for the move option in scp not few moths ago and I read
somewhere (googling around) that scp -u did this, **if you had ssh v2**.
But if you still have v1 ... you'd better simulate it as described in
this thread or better upgrade to ssh v2.

Hope this helps anyone.

El lun, 04-10-2004 a las 19:34, Pete Conkin escribió:
> From: "Kamaraju Kusumanchi" <kamaraju@gmail.com>
> >    I need to move some files from a server to client. I am planning to
> > use scp for this. Using scp, I can only copy the files. But I want to
> > move the files instead of copying them. Any ideas? The manual of scp
> > does not have any option for this.
> >
> > Are there any other programs which achieve the same result?
>   The scp program from SSH.com's package supports this via the -u option
> which will remove source files after copying them.
>   Pete
> >
> > thanks
> > raju
> >
> >
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