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Re: OT, dvd player playable jpeg pictures

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 11:00:52 +0200, Martin Dickopp wrote:

>> Anybody know what kind of jpeg pictures are playable in normal dvd player? 
>> I burned some, but it seems that DVD players are very picky about the
>> pictures they can show. 
>> My DVD player manual can't help me with this. I've looked everywhere, but
>> didn't find any relevant information.
> Convert your JPEG pictures to MPEG format and make an ordinary Video DVD
> out of these. Any player should be able to play this.
> The mjpegtools can do the conversion. Search the documentation for "MPEG
> stills". An MPEG still is essentailly an MPEG video with a single frame,
> and can also contain audio which is played while the picture is shown.

Thanks, Martin. 

You are talking about converting jpeg into mpeg movies, but I was talking
about viewing jpeg pictures directly by DVD player. Many DVD players
claim that they can do it, e.g.:


    * Picture Zoom
    * JPEG Picture Viewer

And mine support mp3 discs and jpeg picture discs...



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