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Re: USE flags ??

On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 08:40:00PM +0000, Nick Smith wrote:
> i use gentoo primarily now because i like the feeling that every piece 
> of software on my system from the bootstrap up is compiled for my 
> hardware aka p4, every debian binary is built for a 386 machine to keep 
> compatibility! and on top of that a stable debian release takes years!  
> dont get me wrong i use to be die hard debian because of apt-get but i 
> have seen the light, emerge is way more powerful then apt and overall 
> system performance is far superior because you compile everything from 
> scratch for your system, debian was great when i was a newby and didnt 
> know how linux worked and it was great for a system that just worked, 
> that is of course if you can over look all the apt problems, do an 
> apt-get dist-upgrade and your entire system crashes, thats always nice.  
> i still like them both and still run both on servers, and i even 
> compared the two on two separate mail servers, and getnoo blew debian 
> away hands down on performance.  try it for yourself and you will see. 
> just dont try a stage 1 on a 386 or you will literally be there for 
> almost a week watching it compile.  it is designed for the power user 
> and for faster machines.

Typical gentoo idiot.  Gentoo is nice in some ways, but you've listed
none of them.  Go away.

Blast you and your estrogenical treachery!

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