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Re: losing vc cursor

Thomas Adam wrote:
--- Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@care2.com> wrote:
At times I lose my cursor in a vc.

What do you mean "lose"? What happens? What are you doign at the VC
usually before it disappears? Is there a pattern that you can see? Are you
using framebuffers?

"lose" means it's gone. Everything is there, not the cursor. No pattern, that I have recognized yet. Using framebuffers.

Is there a way to try to get it back?

Not unless you supply much more information. Help us help you by actually
*explaining* the problem. Unfortunately, my mind-reading capabilities are

This is probably related to the fact that I use 2.6.7-Ruby multi-user Linux. I'll ask there...

2.6.7-ruby multi-user linux? What's that? If it is a kernel version, I
certainly have never heard of it. Although one thing you could try is
pressing ^L at the console. But again, I can't be any more specific.

It is a vanilla 2.6.7 kernel with patches applied so that there can be multiple keyboards that handle their own vt's. That way you get multiple videao cards, plug in multiple monitors, each with their own kbd and mouse. Works great.

-- Thomas Adam

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