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Re: X11 forwarding over SSH

That worked perfectly.  I was able to see that the problem was definitely with my server, as the log stated that the X11 tunnelling was refused by the server.

Its fixed now!!!  It ended up being simple.  The /etc/init.d/ssh script was not restarting sshd (like I thought).  Something was preventing the script from restarting the daemon (probably due to the /etc/run/sshd.pid file missing).  A manual "kill" worked and all is running now.

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Subject: Re: X11 forwarding over SSH

> Andrew Alsup wrote:
> > I have 2 debian servers: 1 running Woody and 1 running Sarge.  I'm
> > using PuTTY as my SSH client (from WinXP).  I can successfully tunnel
> > X (over SSH) on the Woody server.  However, I'm unable to get it
> > working on the Sarge server.
> > 
> > Both servers have the following in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
>  > X11Forwarding yes
>  > X11DisplayOffset 10
> > 
> > One thing that I noticed: I am not setting the DISPLAY env variable
> > in my .profile (or .bash_profile) files.  There is no reference to
> > the DISPLAY env variable *anywhere*.  If I connect to the Woody
> > server (telling PuTTY to use X11 forwarding) then DISPLAY
> > automatically gets set to localhost:10.0.  If I connect to the Sarge
> > server (telling PuTTY to use X11 forwarding) DISPLAY is NOT
> > automatically set.  Its not in the env at all.
> > 
> > This is driving me crazy, and I'll bet its something stupid on my
> > part!
> While you're connected with PuTTY, click on the icon in the top left 
> corner to show the system menu and choose 'Event log'. A connection with 
> successfull X11 forwarding will show the lines
> 2004-10-19 09:39:10 Requesting X11 forwarding
> 2004-10-19 09:39:10 X11 forwarding enabled
> If the first line is missing, you haven't configured PuTTY configured 
> properly. Otherwise there's still something wrong on the server side. 
> Did you restart sshd after setting X11Forwarding to yes?
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