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How to configure apt to retrieve Packages.bz2?


I'm sorry if this question has been asked or answered before, but I
simply can not find the answer.  I've looked in every apt related
documentation package (apt, apt-doc, apt-howto), I've searched the web
using Google, with and without resticting to site:debian.org.  The apt
documentation is woefully inadequate when it comes to describing the
configuration of this very handy program.  The only thing I could find
which might be useful was at the link below.  But before attempting to
get the apt source and apply a patch that may or may not even work with
the current apt source, I figured I'd ask.


Please leave out the "you shouldn't be asking such a stupid question"
responses and just please point me to the information or explain the
reason why Packages.bz2 files have existed for several years, but are
not configured by default, and not explained how to do so in any
documentation a user could reasonably be expected to find.


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